The winner of The Nordic Dummy Award 2015

Edited by: Siw Aldershvile Nielsen, Fotografisk Center

In a earlier blogpost we announced the nominees for this year Nordic Dummy Award. The jury for 2015 consisted of: Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, (curator, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki), Mette Sandbye, (Head of the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen), Marie Sjøvold, (photographer) and Tony Cederteg, (designer/art director/editor at Libraryman).

On Friday, the 11th of September Karina-Surkku Kurz (FI/DE) with the photo book “Ungleichgewicht” was announced as the winner. The jury announcement was presented by Marie Sjøvold at Fotogalleriet under the opening of Fotobokfestival Oslo. Statement of the jury:

“The jury found Karina-Sirkku Kurz’s book about eating disorders visually strong and solid. It is the kind of book that is powerful both in it’s form and content. The theme of the book is important and it focuses on the grievance in our society in a delicate way and is far from the stereotypical way to represent people suffering from eating disorders. The balance between a conceptual and a collaboratively staged and surreal approach to a very concrete and disturbing subject in contemporary society at large makes this book an innovative book. Kurz’s series is a long term project, which has been going on for several years. The jury appreciated the way the photographer co-operated with her models constructing the images. In the book Kurz has chosen both portraits and still lives, including both touching and disturbing tones, which makes the book emotionally challenging and rewarding. The book is well thought through with delicate visual elaboration, which is an even bigger achievement because of the complex topic.”

The full statement and interview with Karina-Sirkku Kurz can be read here (in Norwegian).

_MG_8327Like_to_be_thrown_back_into_ Bygone_Days The_Blinder_I The_Compensatory_Utensil Wrapped_in_Memories


The nominees will together with the winner Karina-Surkku Kurz be exhibited also in Sweden, Denmark and Finland:

24-27 September
Fotobok GBG 15 (
Gothenburg, Sweden

8-10 October 2015
Galleri Image
Aarhus, Denmark

15-25 October 2015
Fotografisk Center
Copenhagen, Denmark

5-7 November 2015
Northern Photographic Centre
Nordic Comic Festival
Oulu, Finland

All text and photographs are copyright Kunstforum and Fotogalleriet 

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